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Encounters + Exhibits


General Admission

See more than 70 different species of animals from around the world. General Admission allows guests to enter the park as well as entering our goat, sheep and our rabbit enclosures. 


Feed The Animals

General feed $2 each in a souvenir cup that is yours to keep. $1 refills anytime.  (Take the cup home and bring it back on your next visit for $1 refill.)
Parakeet feed is $2. Birds will fly down and eat from your hand!


Large Bird Exhibit

Be transported to a world of vibrant colors, enchanting melodies, and the undeniable sense of wonder that only a collection of magnificent birds could evoke.


Kangaroo Encounter

Kangaroo encounter not available at this time.


Lemur Encounter

Lemur encounter not available at this time.


Parakeet Encounter

The walk-in avairy allows guests to be among the birds. A $2.00 ticket allows you to enter with seed and the birds will fly down and land on you to eat from your hand. An awesome experience! General Admission is required.


Reptile Encounter

$20 per person. Get up close, hold and pet some of our awesome reptiles! Hold a 8' Python! Available during operating hours. General admission is required during hours of operation. Encounters may also be scheduled during "off times" for the encounter alone.


Capybara Encounter

Capybara encounters with walk through zoo. $50 per person. Enter the capybara enclosure and hand feed and pet our young cappy and Patagonian cavy. This encounter is for a minimum of 2, maximum of 5 people. Feed is included for cappy but not the other animals... However, feed for the other animals may be purchased additionally. Total experience not to exceed over 1.5 hours including walking around to visit other animals.


Pony Rides

Pony rides are $5 per child for 50 lbs or under. Contact for availability (weather permitting)

Animal Etiquette

There will be a variety of animals roaming free in the zoo with you that you can touch & interact with! BUT keep in mind, all animals MAY BITE so we need to stay aware & be careful of our fingers & our children’s fingers. Parents, please supervise your children. No chasing or picking up any animal! Only a zoo crew member can hand an animal to you to be held.

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